Sri Lankan Ceylon Pink Sapphire – Un Heated


Sri Lankan / Ceylon Pink Sapphire – Un Heated

▪ Colour: Pink
▪ Shape: Oval
▪ Weight: 1.13 Ct
▪ Dimensions: 7.1 x 5.4 x 3.7 mm
▪ Treatments: None
▪ Worldwide shipping available with FedEx
▪ Contact us for 360 video and to get a better understating of the colour, cut and clarity of the stone – WhatsApp


Discover the allure of unheated Sri Lankan Pink Sapphires – a true gemstone rarity. Our exquisite Oval Sapphire, weighing 1.13 Ct and measuring 7.1 x 5.4 x 3.7 mm, boasts a captivating, natural pink hue. We offer worldwide shipping via FedEx for your convenience. Contact us now for a 360-degree video and gain a deeper appreciation of this stone’s mesmerizing color, cut, and clarity. Connect via WhatsApp.

Sri Lankan Sapphires: Unveiling Nature’s Elegance

Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, is renowned as the “Island of Gems.” Nestled in the heart of this tropical paradise lies a treasure trove of one of the world’s most coveted gemstones – the Sri Lankan Sapphire. Known for its captivating allure, Sri Lankan Sapphires have captivated the hearts of gemstone connoisseurs and collectors for centuries.

The Allure of Sri Lankan Sapphires

  • Color:
    The hallmark of Sri Lankan Sapphires is their enchanting blue hue. Ranging from deep, velvety blues reminiscent of a moonlit ocean to lighter, more vibrant shades resembling the clear summer sky, Sri Lankan Sapphires offer a breathtaking spectrum of blue tones. This natural variety is due to the geological conditions in Sri Lanka, which produce a wide range of blue shades.
  • Origin:
    These remarkable gemstones are primarily found in the gem-rich regions of Sri Lanka, particularly Ratnapura and Elahera. The island’s unique geological history has endowed these areas with the perfect conditions for sapphire formation.
  • Unheated Beauty:
    Sri Lankan Sapphires from Zenva Gems are cherished for their unheated status. Unlike many sapphires in the market, ours undergo no artificial treatments to enhance their color or clarity. This means that when you acquire a Sri Lankan Sapphire from us, you are embracing the pure, natural beauty of this exceptional gemstone.


Why Zenva Gems?

At Zenva Gems, we pride ourselves on being purveyors of exceptional Sri Lankan Sapphires, and our commitment to providing top-notch service sets us apart.

  1. Expert Selection:
    Our journey begins with a meticulous selection process. We employ a team of highly skilled gemologists who personally handpick each sapphire for its exceptional quality and brilliance. Only the finest specimens make it into our collection.
  2. Certification:
    To ensure complete transparency and authenticity, all our sapphires are certified by the esteemed Gemological Institute of Sri Lanka. This certification guarantees the quality and origin of your precious gem.
  3. Artisan Craftsmanship:
    Should you desire a customized gem, our expert craftsmen are at your service. We offer re-cutting and re-polishing services to enhance the beauty and value of your Sri Lankan Sapphire.
  4. Worldwide Reach:
    We understand that our clientele spans the globe. That’s why we offer worldwide shipping with FedEx, ensuring that your cherished gemstone reaches you with utmost care and security.
  5. Detailed Information:
    Making an informed purchase is crucial when it comes to gemstones. We provide comprehensive information about the color, clarity, and other essential characteristics of our sapphires. We go the extra mile to empower you with the knowledge needed to make the perfect selection.
  6. 360-Degree Insights:
    To take your gemstone experience to the next level, we offer 360-degree videos. These videos provide an immersive view of your selected sapphire, allowing you to appreciate its colour, cut, and clarity like never before.

In conclusion, Zenva Gems is your gateway to the enchanting world of Sri Lankan Sapphires. Our dedication to offering you not only a beautiful gem but also an exceptional service experience ensures that your journey with us is as extraordinary as the gemstones we provide. Explore the allure of Sri Lankan Sapphires with Zenva Gems and elevate your gemstone collection to new heights.