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FINEST Sri Lankan Sapphires

Ceylon Sapphires, From Sri Lankan mines to International retailers, we deliver the finest Sri Lankan gemstones in faceted, polished and work of art states.


At ZENVA, we specialize in sourcing the finest Sri Lankan (Ceylon) gems from mines, middlemen, and markets around the world. We work tirelessly to find the best quality gems at the most competitive prices, so that our international gem buyers, collectors, and jewelry makers can enjoy healthy profit margins while providing their customers with stunning, high-quality gemstones. Trust Zenva to provide you with the best gems at the best prices, every time.

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Why Us

Our product

High quality, eye clean grade gems

Well cut gems with standard dimensions

Calibrated gems for Jewellery requirements

Our Services

Certified gems with 'GIC' Sri Lanka

One-on-one video calls with customers

Accurate colour and clarity videos/descriptions for customers

Fast shipping via FedEx with tracking

Meet the founders

Vishwa Alessio

Founder / CEO

Bhagya angelo

Co Founder / Marketing

Senel Rohana

Co Founder / Finance

How to order

Confirm the gems you are interested in buying by browsing our online catalog or having a one-on-one video call with us to discuss each gemstone’s colour, clarity, and inclusions.

Please note that we highly recommend having a one-on-one video call or a WhatsApp voice call with us to ensure that you fully understand the color, clarity, inclusions, and everything about each gem before confirming your purchase.

Once you have confirmed the gems, we will send you an invoice that includes the total value of the gems, insurance, FedEx shipping charges, and Sri Lanka gem and jewelry authority fees.

You can deposit the invoice amount into our company bank account, preferably via Wise.

We will arrange shipment within two working days, and you will receive a tracking number to follow your shipment.

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